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How The Plan Works…

As a Non-Medicare participant you and your eligible spouse may choose from two retirement medical plans. All options provide discounted prescription benefits.

What You Need To Do…

As an eligible spouse of a retiree you must complete an enrollment form for the plan of your choice. As a retiree you are automatically enrolled in the Trust Indemnity Plan and life benefits. If you elect a PPO option you can do so by filling out a PPO enrollment form available here, and returning it to: G.M.P. – Employers Retiree Trust – PPO Enrollment 5245 Big Pine Way, S.E. Fort Myers, FL 33907-5998 Phone (239) 936-6242.

As a Non-Medicare participant in the Trust Indemnity Plan, initially you may change to a PPO option at any time. If you elect the PPO and later want to opt out, you can do so at any time, and return to the Trust Indemnity Plan. You must notify the Trust office in writing of your intent to terminate your PPO coverage. If you choose to re-enroll in the PPO option at a later date, you must wait two years from January 1 following the date you drop out of the PPO option. For instance, if you decide to drop the PPO option effective February 1, 2017, the first time you would be able to re-enroll in the PPO option would be January 1, 2020. (You would be covered by the Trust Indemnity Plan for the remainder of 2017, and all of 2018 and 2019.)

How You Benefit…

2024 Plan BenefitsPPO Option (BCBS)Idemnity Plan Option
Premium Payment$45.00 per month PPO PremiumSpouse: $35.00 per month
Retiree: No monthly premium
Annual deductible$1,690 in network $5,070 out of network$4,500
Annual out-of-pocket maximum$5,070 In network $15,210 out of network limit$13,500
Lifetime maximum$130,000$130,000
Prescription Drug ProgramThe prescription drug benefit covers 80% of eligible prescription drug charges after you satisfy the annual deductibleThe prescription drug benefit covers 80% of eligible prescription drug charges after you satisfy the annual deductible

As an additional benefit with the PPO programs, the Trust offers Voluntary Disease Management Programs through Blue Cross/Blue Shield.  These programs are free to the Trust PPO participants who have:

  • History of Cardiovascular disease;
  • Diagnosis of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, and/or migraines.

You may call BCBS directly at 855-838-5897 regarding the program.
Please see the brochures for this program which is available to PPO participants only.


To learn more about the Trust Indemnity Plan see the: Plan of Benefits and Plan Summary of Coverage

Summary of Material Modification

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