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Welcome to G.M.P. – Employers Retiree Trust

 Open Enrollment 2020

 In September, we will be mailing out open enrollment information to all persons eligible for enrolling or changing enrollment in a Trust   benefit plan. The deadline for receipt of your enrollment/change paperwork is November 30, 2019.

 If you wish to remain in your current coverage, you do not have to call or return any paperwork.

 We thank you for your participation and wish everyone a healthy and happy 2020!

 The G.M.P. – Employers Retiree Trust was created through collective bargaining negotiations to provide post-retirement health care   coverage to all eligible retirees and their spouses.

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What The Trust Does for You

Retiree Medical Benefits

Once you retire, the Trust will be notified of your eligibility by your employer, and  you will be enrolled as a Trust participant in the Trust’s Indemnity Plan for medical coverage.  At this time, you will also be sent an enrollment kit which will include additional options of coverage and spouse enrollment forms, should your eligible spouse opt to be covered at this time. Details of all available plans will be included in this kit. There is no charge for retirees to participate in the Indemnity option, but spouses currently pay a monthly premium of $35 for coverage under the Trust’s Indemnity Plan. It’s important to pay this on time to avoid any coverage disruption.

Life Insurance Benefits

Upon receipt of your eligibility notification, you will also be enrolled in life insurance coverage when you retire, at no cost to you. Retirees only – not spouses – are covered by the Trust life insurance benefits for $2,000.