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What You Need To Do…

When you retire, you are automatically enrolled in the Trust’s Indemnity program. You are not required to do anything to participate. You do have to apply for coverage for your eligible, lawful spouse, however, there is a monthly premium.

How The Plan Works…

When you need medical care, you go to any health care provider that is approved by Medicare. Medicare is primary over the Trust Indemnity program. This means Medicare must first process your medical claims, with the exception of prescription drugs. After the Trust deductible is satisfied (a separate deductible applies to you and your eligible spouse), the Trust coordinates with Medicare to pay up to 90 percent of certain covered medical expenses. You are responsible for any remaining amount not paid by Medicare or the Trust. If you reach your annual limit — called the out-of-pocket maximum — the Plan will coordinate with Medicare to pay the rest of your covered medical expenses for that year at 100 percent.

How You Benefit…

Premium PaymentSpouse: $35.00 per month
Retiree: No monthly premium
Annual deductible$1,740
You pay $35 per month spouse premiumThis Plan coordinates with Medicare to pay:
Out Patient: Up to 90% on certain Medicare approved medical expenses.
In Patient: 80% of remaining balance on Medicare approved and paid covered expenses.
Annual out-of-pocket maximum$5,220
Lifetime maximum$130,000
Prescription Drug ProgramThe prescription drug benefit covers 80% of eligible prescription drug charges after you satisfy the annual deductible.

Plan of Benefits and Plan Summary of Coverage

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Summary of Material Modification

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