Annual Report for 2014-FINAL (2) - page 2

As U.S. healthcare benefits continue evolving, the Trustees and
staff of G.M.P.-Employers Retiree Trust respond by staying in-
formed about the effects of healthcare reform on participants.
For almost five decades, the Trust has been serving its
contributing employers’ eligible hourly retirees and their
spouses – not only by paying out over $828 million in medical
and other benefits on behalf of its participants, but also by making
sure available benefits keep pace with marketplace trends.
Union Trustees Employer Trustees
Bruce R. Smith
David J. Emmo
Randy Gould
Craig T. Dukes
Rickey Hunter
Scott Grau
Jodi L. Hopper
Stephen J. Stanford
Public Auditor
Hill, Barth & King, LLC Towers Watson
Investment Agents
and Principal Fund Depositories
The Bank of New York Mellon
Callan Associates Inc.
Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc.
Dodge & Cox
Los Angeles Capital Management
Minton Investment Management
Natixis AM Advisors, L.P.
Pacific Investment Management Company
Schneider Capital Management
William Blair & Company, LLC
J.P. Morgan
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